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Forthcoming talks

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The Cambridge University Biological Society (BioSoc) is a science society dedicated to bringing the finest speakers to Cambridge. Find out about the committee, how you can get involved, about upcoming events and our archive of previous speakers. If you have any questions please contact the relevant committee member directly. If you have a query regarding the website please contact the webmaster.

The locations for all of our talk venues can be found here.

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Recommend speakers!

Is there a scientist whose research you admire? Would you like to hear them speak? Have you read a scientific book recently and wish you could discuss it with the author? Let us know who you would like to speak at BioSoc talks this year by sending us a message or commenting on our Facebook page by 6th July!

Committee for 2014 - 2015

The Cambridge University Biological Society elected its new committee for this academic year. The committee, which will serve the society from October 2014 until June 2015, is as follows:

Co-Presidents: Domen Kampjut
Ernest Aw
Publicity Officer: Sophie Mathias
Outreach Officer: Silvia Hnatova
Treasurer: Ngiam Zi Chao
Membership Secretary: Ginny Rutten
Secretary: Jurga Mituzaite
Ents Officer: Viviana June
Webmaster: Justin Koh


We would like to thank the Departments of Genetics and Zoology, University of Cambridge, for their generous sponsorship for some of the talks.